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Life Science Graduate Network (LSGN)

Cross-disciplinary organization of PhD student representatives working in the life sciences in the greater Munich area

The LSGN (=Life Science Graduate Network) is a network initiated in 2016 by the PhD student representatives of the different Life Science graduate schools and graduate programs in Munich, with the idea of organizing regular events for PhD students to provide a forum for peer exchange and discussion on scientific projects and topics of common interest.

The LSGN is open for all interested PhD students working in the Life-Sciences in the greater Munich area.

André Heuer (Gene Center LMU, GRK 1721)
Chiara Gandini (LMU Biocenter, GRK 2062)

LSGN events have included so far:

  • First Life Science Graduate Network Get-together Oct 12, 2016
  • Life Science Graduate Network Get-together Feb 23, 2017