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Sustainable World 2022

Global Challenges for Life Scientists.


September 29, 2022 9:00 – 17:00
Biomedical Center (BMC), Campus Martinsried



1) Goals
Over the past centuries and decades, our handling of resources has depleted our environment
and planet with wide-reaching ecological, economical and societal consequences. The principle
of conservancy – conserving ecosystems as well as finite supplies of raw materials and human
resources – has been neglected, particularly in wealthy societies, resulting in lifestyles based
on large-scale consumption of non-renewable resources. Future generations will bear the
brunt of this depletion, but even now we feel the disastrous effects of climate change:
diminishing biodiversity, crippling poverty, geopolitical discord and human resource “burnout”.
We are in a global sustainability crisis.
Addressing this crisis by adopting strategies in ecology, society and economy for a sustainable
world is urgent. Awareness of the crisis is no longer the problem. Critical self-reflection and
finding solutions for transferring our knowledge into actions in our daily lives are the current
What more suitable place to explore solutions than in the university context?

  • In an international arena of future stakeholders who will be multipliers throughout the world
  • Building networks, creating communities that foster sustainability
  • Making use of knowledge, research and innovation with an educational mission to germinate ideas and solutions
  • For individuals, but also for institutions, to be good examples for sustainability on all levels

The goal of this symposium event Sustainable World 2022 is to provide a forum for next
generation researchers of all levels to inform themselves further on diverse sustainability
topics, hearing from passionate experts in the fields of ecology, economy and sociology. In
addition to opportunity for discussion and exchange, we will provide a platform for participants
to familiarize themselves and network with different local and international “green” initiatives.
Our hope is that participants will identify viable paths for addressing their own sustainability
issues, becoming active in contributing to the process of change and becoming multipliers for
inspiring sustainable living concepts in their future workplaces and lives throughout the world.

2) Target group
Students, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, junior and senior scientists in the natural and
physical sciences of the LMU, TUM and EUGLOH institutions

3) Idea and topic
Create foundation for best possible impact; raising awareness of personal responsibility in the
context of sustainable development; networking with organizations, initiatives and groups

Sustainable World 2022