Responsible Research

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Participants' comments:

  • "The arrangement is really good, these topcis are very important for everybody starting a scientific career."
  • "It was very interesting and helpful to get the bigger picture, especially for the younger scientists."
  • "The Symposium on "Responsible Research" was an outstanding event offering participants fascinating insights into how we can contribute to keeping scientific research responsible provided by knowledgeable and entertaining experts."
  • "Most of the topics were very informative and normally they are not considered in the writing of the thesis. So it’s really good to discuss them and hear about them."
  • "I got informed about things I never thought about during my research; this was new to me!"

Speakers' comments:

  • "Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in what I felt was an extremely interesting, well planned and successful event. I learnt a great deal and it is events like that, which will make change happen."
  • "It was my pleasure and honor to take part in this excellent event!"
  • "Thank you again (…) for a terrific event. It was a pleasure to participate."